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Hi !

My Name is Oscar G. Elizondo

       I am the fouunder of EMS ( Elizondo Media Services - ogelapix.com )

Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need of skilled photographic and video capture. I have been shooting photographs and now we also capture and edit digital video. Since our organization was founded, we have endeavored to provide the best possible experience while providing the best service and then the rendering of the final project.


Our team is very capable and we are made up of experienced dedicated hardworking and knowledgeable associates.


     We are currently and continually upgrading our gear in photo/video and audio. If you would like to receive a partial list of our inventory...  please feel free to reach out and call us.... We recommend email as first/initial contact/inquiry. We reply as soon as we

receive your email.


We are also offering analog VHS tape to digital transfer services.


We are currently tracking (Sound /Audio recording) with Harrison Console's MIXBUS32c DAW as well as LOGIC PRO (Coming Soon ATMOS! ) and Studio One Pro 5. A well rounded collection of Plug-In's top it all off to polish your capture and or mix.


Available for hire services/rent is/are PA (Public Address) systems like one with 2 15" Active 3000 watt subs and 2 12"Active 1300 watt 2-way full range monitors w/ sub mounting poles and wireless handhelds and Lavaliers, 12Ch Mixer and 16Ch ADAT interfaces and all running on battery powered generators for a truly "On Location" / Off-Grid experience service ....no more gas generators!


And last but not least my niece is renting vehicles/cars/automobiles delivery available to locations in Los Angeles and Miami... so shoot us an email today.. let's begin your project!




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E-mail: info@ogelapix.com

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